Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss Kelly said YES!!!

I am the happiest man on the range today. Miss Kelly said yes last night to my proposal. Yes sir I am the happiest man! Since I was sure she was going to say yes I showed her the invitations I had made for our wedding and hoped she was going to love them. I put my heart into these. I wanted her to know how dedicated I am to our love and new life together. We have not set a date quite yet so I am not going to show you the full invite. But here is a little sneak at the invitations... Miss Kelly wants a little wedding. I will however make sure the important invitations are sent out first. :0) I used her favorite colors red and white. I hope she decides to have it soon.

Oh when will the big day be??? Stay tuned for more... hee hee


Kerri said...

Oh my goodness, how creative are you!?! I think you need to get published, girl! All of your Wild West cards are FABULOUS!!! Amazing creations, Stacy:)

Julie Hoffman said...

Love this! Great sneak peak and fun theme! Those roses look pretty!

Jennifer said...

This has been such fun! Kerri is right! You need to start a book and base it on these perfectly fun and wonderful Wild West cards. I'm already waiting to read and see what happens next!

I just love them all!