Sunday, September 11, 2016

Proud of my young men

    They looked thrilled with a picture from mom don't they. Well I took this after the game and they were very tired. I just wanted to say congrats Curtis and Nathan on starting your first Varsity football game. Curtis got an Interception and almost had a second. He had a rough patch and the opposing team took advantage of a starting freshman corner back. Nathan played most of the game as defensive end, and had a few reps on the offensive side of the ball as well.  
    They both played hard and we are very proud of the work they put in this summer to be ready to go.  While it didn't all turn out the way they hoped as they lost, they put in the effort and time, that is what matters. It was so exciting to see them out on the field! Go Patriots!  And I mean their school Patriots.  :-)  Have a wonderful day! 


Leslie Miller said...

Your handsome young men certainly do look thrilled to have Mom take their picture. Better luck next time, but I hope they simply enjoy the game, no matter the outcome.

Marisa said...

Love proud mama posts :) Tough to lose but if you played hard and learned from it, have something to take away for the next game :)