Monday, August 7, 2017

Dahlia XL

Good morning! This Dahlia XL speaks for itself doesn't it? What fun it is to color and just wait until you see what else I have been coloring using this flower.  :-)
No sentiment on this one just a large and in charge flower for you!

I actually used more of my Pearl-Ex pigment Misty Lavender on this one and added a little bit of sparkle to the tips of the blooms. Here is a side view for you, the shimmer is incredible on this flower. I did layer this one layer as well because it just looks awesome.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was wonderful. We actually took the boys to an Auto Cross race locally and had them race their car, along with John racing his own car. My BIL and sister came into town which was super cool. My BIL used to actually race with his race car he has, so he rode with the boys and helped them out. What a BLAST! I had so much fun and I think we have now found another expensive hobby. Ai yi yi... This however they will have to pay for on their own. ha ha! A wonderful birthday day! Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful afternoon. 


Leslie Miller said...

Wow! You're amazing with those Pearl Ex powders! I gave all mine away because I never made anything so pretty with them. Fabulous on the big dahlia. Love this stamp!

CherylQuilts said...

WOW! This is GORGEOUS! Stacy, I am so awful! I totally forgot your birthday...such a bad friend! I hope it was a beautiful one, because you deserve it! It sounds like you had fun with the boys and your BIL and sister too! That's always a treat! I wish you a beautiful year ahead, and know that you are dearly loved!!! The colors of this dahlia are gorgeous, and your color is amazing and gives it such depth and dimension even with the layers. You totally rock!! Hugs, sweet friend! Love you! xoxo

bensarmom said...

Happy belated birthday to you Stacy. I'm so glad it was a fun day. Your card is absolutely gorgeous! You are a true artist who awes me with all of your talent. Blessings to you for a wonderful year full of family memories and lots of love and surprises.