Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Move on over to 18

How about that....18 already. My goodness time sure does fly. Created these in the short amount of time I had for the boys 18th birthday. They fully expected me to not give them a card since we were going in every direction but I did squeeze out these quick designs. 

The background was created using Move the Soul background pieces randomly stamped in various ink colors. I then used my Aqua brush and grabbed one orange ink and flicked the base for some splatters. Die cut the numbers 18 and stamped my birthday sentiments in the corner. Some faux stitching down the left edge and Voila! 

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Leslie Miller said...

It's unbelievable that the boys have turned 18! I'm trying to think how old they were when I first got to know you. Are they graduating this year? Your head must be going in all different directions. The memory of my son at that age is as fresh and vivid as ever... so much going on with graduation, plus the emotions. Anyway, Stacy, you came up with a great card in the little time you had. I'd say perfect for your young men.