Friday, April 8, 2011

BBQ Grill treat box

 File: I am unable to load the FIles for this. If you email me at with the subject BBQ grill I can email you the PDF file, SVG file or Silhouette file.


Choose one of the files to work with along the left hand side. Adhesive and embelishments

Step 1

This is the bbq pit base, score all pre-folded lines.

Step 2

Add adhesive to the pit side panels as shown. Set aside

Step 3

Take the lid pieces and adhere adhesive to the three edges scored and folded over

Step 4

Take the lid piece and on the two ends cut small spaces so the lid will curve around the end pieces

Step 5

This is a close up of the grill lid with one end in place

Step 6

This is your lid with both ends attached. Add adhesive to the tabs shown and adhere to the base of grill

Step 7

To Assemble the sides trays and the grill knobs panel, adhere your tape to the one side of each square, and the back of the knobs panel. The grill handle add embellishments as desired. Adhere to the sides and front of grill

Step 8

Here is my final bbq grill with snickers inside. Hope you enjoy your new bbq.

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