Friday, May 6, 2011

Fishing Bag

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A file down load of your choice at the left. Any embellishments you desire

Step 1

Take the base shape and pre-fold score lines. Set aside

Step 2

If you would like the side of your bag to have stamping or texture you will do that now. Take the piece that will be your bag sides and add adhesive around three edges

Step 3

Along the bottom edge cut several little spots along the tape as this will help the bag curve around the base. On the corners cut a diagonal line to help insert the corners onto base

Step 4

Use one end of the half moon from your base you set aside and adhere around the edge like shown. 

Step 5

Add adhesive to the edge and secure to the bag sides.

Step 6

Adhere your handle to the inside of bag. Attach bag flap to the top and decorate as desired

Step 7

Here is my final bag with gummy worms inside. Hope you enjoy your new fishing bag

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