Friday, September 23, 2011

Windmill Box

 Files: I am unable to load the PDF files to this post. If you email me at and put in the subject line Windmill Box I can email you the files. I have a PDF file, Silhouette version and an SVG file version for this.


Card stock, adhesive, scissors, designer paper, score tool, and embellishments.

Step 1

Take the base piece with the scored lines and pre-fold the scored marks. Add adhesive to the sides of the bottom square and along the side panel as shown. Also notch out the two little corner pieces on the base so it will fold better when you go to adhere to the sides.

Step 2

First adhere the sides of the bottom panels as shown. Do not adhere the middle piece yet. It should look like this.

Step 3

Take the shorter piece on the right side and fold over to adhere as shown. Take and fold over the left side panel and cover to the edge so it is closed up like a box. If you used colored card stock and wanted to stamp now is the time to do that.

Step 4

Choose which blades you desire to work with. Punch a small hole in the blades and in the piece on the box base you are attaching the blades to. You can use a brad or you can just tape them on top of each other, I am using a brad and flowers for decoration. See below picture If you use a brad instead of taping them you allow the blades to turn when moved by hand. Attach your blades and decorate as desired.

Step 5

This is for a teacher's desk so I placed pencils in mine. I used the sentiment from Words of Gratitude. Enjoy your new windmill or pinwheel.

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