Sunday, December 11, 2011

Secret Bench

 Files: I am unable to add the PDF files you need to this post. If you email me at and put the subject line Secret Bench, I will email you the files. I have a PDF version, Silhouette version and a SVG file version.


Card stock, small decorative metal die, scissors, desired sentiment and adhesive.

Step 1

Take the back of the bench piece and in the middle score 1/2 inch up and 3/4 the way up. I only have one score mark shown, however please make the second score mark for ease later. Set this piece to the side for a moment.

Step 2

Add adhesive to the bench sides. Pre-fold the sides once adhesive is on, now add these to the back of the bench. 

Step 3

This is what it will look like with one side panel attached. Attach the panels to the back so you don't see the seam from the front. Stand your bench up and fold in a little bit to form the shape. It will be a little loose till we add the bench seat section. 

Step 4

Take the bench drawer and score at 1/2 inch on just three sides. Pre-fold and add your adhesive to those three sides as shown. If you would like to decorate the lid of your bench now is the time to add your papers or stamped images.

Step 5

Lay the bench on the back side and place one edge of the bench drawer in the corner lining it up with the bottom score mark. If you have one side attached it should look like this. Now pull the other side of the bench over and adhere the other side to the scored mark corner. 

Step 6

Turn bench up right and take the bench lid and add adhesive to the back 1/2 inch scored flap. This is going to go on the back part of the bench to secure.

Step 7

I am showing you the lid not attached but laying on the bench drawer. Your lid should lay flat and the back should match up with the last scored line on the back. Once it is lined up, secure to the back of the bench.

Step 8 

Add your secret goodies inside the drawer and finish decorating as desired.

Step 9

I added a pillow to my bench using the sentiment from In God's hands. The pillow is made using the same chocolates that are inside the bench. Enjoy your new Secret Bench. 

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