Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mitten tutorial


You need designer paper, solid card stock, ribbon, cord or twine, adhesive and embellishments

Step 1

For the shape of the mitten I simply drew around my hand on a piece of computer paper and curved the lines to look like a mitten. After traced I added the curves to look like mittens do and cut around the template. This gives you the option to make them any size you desire. You will want the back of the mitten to be sturdy card stock and the front can be more of a designer paper that is more flexible

Step 2

Next add adhesive to the outer layer of the solid card stock the base. You can do most of the thumb section as nothing will fit in that spot and it adds a bit of sturdness to the mitten.

Step 3

Adhere the mitten front out of the designer paper and press to secure the edges together. This is what it will look like with the hot cocoa inserted. This will help secure the edges as well by pressing down with hot cocoa in place

Step 4

Decorate as desired. I used Cute snowman for my image and some felt snowflakes. The edges of the mitten have some fake stitching around the edge as well. Hope you enjoy making some hot cocoa mittens

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