Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep and Black Friday sales

Happy Thanksgiving eve day! ;-)  It really seems like the day is two with all the prepping one must do the day before. Here was my morning counter as I began the prepping this morning.  Side not: You do see a blank wall in the back still from our home renovation, because I have yet to find what I want placed on the wall. The hunt is still on as they say. Anyways, back to the morning I had.  My husband requested this year that I make a pumpkin pie. Not a variation of pumpkin pie such as in the past my pumpkin delight, pumpkin moose cheesecake, pumpkin roll, pumpkin crunch etc. Just a regular ole pumpkin pie. Well that might seem simple to you but I have never actually made just a pumpkin pie. GASP!!!  Someone else has always made the pie and I make other desserts. So this year I am making my first one. I did buy a rolled pie crust for this since I am not really sure how this pie is made. Sounds simple yes I know but sometimes the easy ones are harder to make.  ;-)  Moving on... 

Next is my stuffing bread you see in the bowl. I cube up my own bread combo of white and wheat for the stuffing mixture. There is sausage and spices that make it so delish. This coming from a girl who never ate stuffing as it was a mushy mess to me. A few years ago I found the most delish stuffing (can't find it online now) that I use each year and I actually eat! We brine out turkey the day before with oranges, lemons, Thyme, rosemary and water. The juiciest turkey even the white meat you will EVER eat I promise you. Then we have our frog eye salad that the boys love. This has this tiny Anci pasta that you soak in pudding, mandarin oranges and pineapple over night. Add the rest the next day for a delish fruit salad. Can't forget your cinnamon rolls that are the snacks to hold you over until the big day. And lastly the breakfast casserole that is different every year just for fun. Now are we ready for thanksgiving? ha!!!  

Now for the important info:

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Leslie Miller said...

Now that sounds like a gourmet feast! We had Cornish game hens rather than turkey because hubby doesn't care for turkey, and our son actually requested game hens. Of course, there's my Mom's ages old fruit salad recipe which is made ONLY at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this year I made a cranberry cobbler and a plum cake. There were all the other trimmings, too, and, yes, it is a two day operation. I declared today (Friday) a day off and spent a little time in my stamp room.