Friday, September 11, 2015


Green Berry Basket, scissors, card stock, twine, desired dies, cutting mat and glue dots or adhesive.

Step 1:

Cut a piece of solid card stock 2 inches wide. Add glue dots or glue to a few of the basket sides. Glue dots fold in half and make this basket really sturdy which is what I have done. Place card stock over the edge of the basket side.

Step 2

Trim along the sides of the basket so you have a close enough edge as shown. Now complete with the other three sides of the basket the same way.

Step 3:

Lets work with the inside of the basket and add a sturdy layer. Cut a piece of solid card stock 3 1/2 inch x 3 inch. Mat desired pattern paper over the top. Using glue dots adhere to the bottom of the basket as you did the sides. For the sides of the basket cut a piece of matching desired paper 1 3/4 inch and adhere to the sides of the basket over laying as you did the solid card stock.

Step 4:

Here you can trim the edges if needed a little more. Decorate as desired

Step 5:

My Final basket with matching gift tags. I have several of these that I plan on making for the auction. I used a Snowflake die for the tags and the outside of the baskets. Easy little gift set. Enjoy! 

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