Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weekend fun

Good morning! I think we are finally rested from our weekend... or at least more than we were yesterday. I keep forgetting to share pictures from baseball so i thought I would post a few from our crazy weekend. First we had the boys baseball game. This photo was taken of the three of us. See how tall they are! Gasp!!! Curtis pitched this game and he did fantastic. They both are adding another position to their game with third base and catcher.  :-)  Young and full of energy I tell you. 

We celebrated their birthday this week and, wait for it... now have Drivers Permits. ACK!!!! Oh my word! These permits look nothing like the paper thing I had when I got mine. They are all fancy like and cool. They were pretty excited to get these. Took them to breakfast and then for their big gift from us... Cell Phones. I know!  We held out as long as we could but since they are in drivers education class they will need a cell phone. Besides I think that being Freshman next year they will appreciate the extra responsibility that comes with this privelage.  ;-)  

Remember the table reserve signs and tags I made for our friends daughters 15th Quincenera? That was this weekend as well. yep... busy weekend. This event was from 2 -11 on Saturday. A full day oh my! Beautiful event and a wonderful time with friends. Here is a picture of the boys and Sydnee. Yes she is that short even with heels on. She had all odds against her as both her parents are super short too. ha!  She takes it in stride. especially since she is a fanstastic soccer player. She is on a travelling team for the state and everything.  What a fun event. 

The other thing I helped with for the event was the signing frame she had for the guests. This will be put in a frame once her parents finally recover. ha ha!  I added the same die cut flowers and jewels to the bottom with some die cut flourishes. The center of the cross and her number 15. The letter N fell off but will be put back on. Sorry the photo isn't great but it was so busy I barely got this picture. I think you can click on each picture and zoom in? 

Our busy weekend in a few photo's. ha!  I am gearing up for a class on the Book of John, a bible study that I am hoping to take. With our schedule and summer I need something to keep me from losing my mind.  :-)  We are ready for summer...school is out in 13 days. woot woot! Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my little world. Have a wonderful day.  


Lisa Lara said...

What fun. I love the pic of you and your boys Stace!

Judy Woodland said...

so awesome to see photos of your twins. I had no idea they were that old. Thanks for the share......it made me smile!!!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stac, the boys are so much taller than you are!!! Hehe! And the permits - yikes! You will be starting to sit in the back seat, girl! Haha! They are so adorable/handsome! And how sweet Syndee is in between the boys! She's a little bitty gal but so pretty! What a wonderful thing you did for her -- all the beautiful work! I know she loved it! You are one busy gal, but it's great that you are doing the Bible study in John. That sounds like a great way to keep grounded. Love you, girl!!! Big hugs! xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

Handsome boys, my oh my! And I know they're good boys, too. Good for you holding off on the cell phones for so long. Sydnee looks so beautiful, too, and such a pretty dress. The boys look so much older in the picture with her. The signing board you made turned out fabulous! Love the flowers on the cross and with the leafy flourish. Sometimes you may wish you had more time for yourself, but in a few short years you'll look back and be glad you gave the boys exactly the right amount of your time. There's a balance between too much and too little. I think you've got it just right!

Pretty Paper Junkie said...

Love the pictures of your handsome sons. (Their mother is very pretty too).

Marisa said...

Your boys are soooo grown up now!! My son turns 16 in August and I am in denial LOL. Daughter just had her HS commencement last week and only a month to go before Grad - where do the years go!! Lovely pics of the quincenera :) Brings back memories of my years in Costa Rica. I hear you re the busy weekends! Want to go to Exile Island together LOL!