Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chocolate Lasagna

This long weekend was great and an opportunity for me to try a dessert recipe that I pinned. I pin a lot of desserts yet never seem to make them as much as the main courses I pin. My plan is to attempt more of the desserts!  ;-) This is Chocolate Lasagna

Now the photo doesn't look as awesome as the blogger that posted her's, however I bet you it tasted just as good. hee hee  You can find the recipe at Jaimelyn at I heart naptime HERE. The boys wanted more chocolate chips on top than the recipe initially called for hence the layer you see. I just scrapped half them off and ate the rest. It was DELICIOUS! Great for the BBQ we were at and its a cold dessert so even better with the hot weather. Thought I would share another foodie post. Have a wonderful Wednesday!  


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stacy!!!! Talk about a chocoholic's dessert - wow! I will definitely be sending this to my dear friend who always loves chocolate. It looks delicious, and I know it had to be THE hit of the BBQ! Hehe...the boys wanted extra chocolate chips. Sometimes too much is too much! LOL! Love it! Hugs, sweet friend, and it's nice you had a fun weekend!

Leslie Miller said...

Yum! I pin a lot of recipes, too. Not as many as I used to since I CANNOT get my printer to print text. Weird, huh? I've never been happy with this printer. I used to print my recipes at work, then go to the store for ingredients. My favorite recipes are savory. Kitchen and computer are on opposite ends of the house, so I definitely like to print them. I do have a tablet I could use. Maybe I should just plug that thing into a kitchen socket and leave it there.