Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Watercolored pencil Hellebore

Good morning. As you know Monday was a snow day and so was Tuesday, so I was able to play around in the stamp room quite a bit. Yea! These new watercoloring pencils were calling my name. There is several videos out there to watch and learn on how these work. I think I watched about 20 videos and got a feel for the idea on how to use them. It is not as straight forward when it comes to actually using them, at least for me it wasn't. I did what they demonstrated and yet I still feel that I need a LOT more practice. 

Some of my thoughts on this watercoloring really needs to change because I like bold color. Well.... that is not the look you get with watercolor, it is more washed around look. Now I am still learning, so be gentle with helpful hints. But please do give any helpful tips you might have. 
My card today is using Hellebores printed on watercolor cardstock from TE. You can see where I had too much water around the stem of the flower in the jar.  :-(  My leaves were a brighter color than the pencil was which is another learning curve. It will show up brighter than planned. Still need to learn how to blend the color a little more. You can see under the glass where I still have pencil markers that didn't blend. Is it the paper or I didn't use enough water??? There is sparkle on the water in the jar to hide some of my mistakes also. I do like this but again, need to get used to the watercolor look and feel still. More to come with my trial and errors and these pencils. I did get these metallic ones also, but figure I better get used to these first. hee hee   Hope you have a wonderful day! 


Becky said...

Oh Stacy....I love this in Pink....makes me want to get my image out and give it a try....I love that digi.

Lisa Lara said...

Gorgeous watercoloring Stace!

Leslie Miller said...

Soft or bold, I love it all, and I think the soft look of this is beautiful! Your maiden voyage with your new pencils is a success to my eyes. I think the thing about watercoloring is that even the imperfections look good. The parts you mention simply look like artistic touches to me. I don't currently have any watercolor pencils, so I don't have much experience with them. I know with Tombow markers some colors blend beautifully and others just seem to want to sit on the paper, but if I scribble them on a palette first and then pick it up with my brush it works just fine. For a bolder look you can layer more color on when the first is dry. Sometimes I think I use too much color and detail and then it doesn't even look like watercolor. So I think, why did I bother to watercolor? I might as well have used Copics, sheesh! There are so many variables. I remember your hesitation when you first started with Copics, and look at you now. You're good at whatever you set your mind to. I'd love to see more of your watercoloring because I know you're going to WOW me a little more each time!

CherylQuilts said...

Stacy, these are beautiful, and I LOVE The beautiful pink that works so well with the DP you've chosen. I love the kraft too with the sequins. Okay, now let's talk about your coloring. First of all, you are far too hard on youself...most of us are. But this is beautiful, and I love the vibrant color of the leaves that really makes them pop. Having dabbled a bit with watercolor (but not watercolor pencils too much), I will say that Leslie is right about scribbling on a palette and then laying down color. Linda Paider (Holstein) on SCS told me that about watercoloring when I asked was her first comment about watercoloring in general. I hope that might help you. But I think we both will benefit with practicing like everyone else. And Leslie was also right about how amazing your Copic coloring is and that in time your watercolor pencil coloring will be "old hat" some day soon! So keep on sharing more of these watercolor cards! I love them!! Warm hugs and love! xoxo

KathyA. said...

Stacy, I've had watercolor pencils for some time and also find that the colors are too muted for my taste. But, your willingness to try something new challenges me to get mine out and try again!
That said, I think your card is lovely. As others have said, we wouldn't have noticed any oopses until you pointed them out. And, I thought that the sparkly water was planned all along. Looking forward to seeing your future watercolor creations!