Friday, July 31, 2020

Climbing Clematis for a friend

Friday it is and the last day of July. I can't even believe this summer let alone year, but I won't dive into that mood right now.  ;-)  How about some Climbing Clematis today?  This happens to be on sale right now so check it out. These are such pretty flowers and so much enjoyment to color them. Been feeling in a slump lately so I am happy to finally pull out of it a little with these guys. 

Pretty straight forward with this card. Colored the image with various Copic markers and added a die cut edge to the bottom of the panel. I then added another layer of white card stock to the base and some texture to the majority of the panel. Wrapped some colored twine around that layer and added to the base of the card. Finished off with my sentiment some sequins and sparkle. Voila! 

Check out the Bloom Brigades creations today:


Marja Sch said...

What a beautiful card. Greetings Marja

Leslie Miller said...

This is beyond incredible, Stacy. There really are no words to express how absolutely lovely your card is. And the coloring? Well, just pick me up off the floor, please. There's all that beautiful white in the design that I know you're so fond of, too. My heart skips a beat. I've been in that same mood, but it got better when we started getting out in the motorhome. We're going again on the 16th. Totally contactless. I won't even get started on the things that are bothering me, but it's better when we're away from it all.