Monday, January 11, 2016

Ali's 30th Birthday

Good morning. You are probably thinking this is not a "normal" 30th birthday card? Well the person this is for happens to LOVE and I mean LOVE giraffe's. This is perfect for Ali. She just recently finished a 8 month pack backing trip across the Europe and Africa with her husband. Yes they decided one week that they needed to take a leave from their jobs and backpack across part of the globe. ACK!!! They knew if they did not do this now before children they would never get to do it. So they each oacked one backpack, GASP!!! and headed off.  They blogged about all the places they were travelling to each week for us. WOW! They saw some AMAZING places and some scary places, yikes. What and adventure!!! I lived vicariously through their blog. hee hee  That is something that is WAY OUT of my comfort zone ladies.  :-)  Anyways... this card is for Ali! 

This also gave me the excuse to get this digital giraffe that I have wanted for a long time from Mo's Digital pencil called G-Fa Giraffe. After he was printed on white cardstock I colored him with various Copic markers. Scored a border around the edge and added my birthday sentiment to the right. Die cut the 30 with a retired WOJ die light and added sparkles to the arrow and number tag. A few sequins and some sparkle to finish it off. Voila! I know she is going to just love this and that is what makes me happy.  :-)  Thanks for coming by today. Have a wonderful day. 


Marisa said...

Oh how I would love to see a giraffe in its element! African Safari on my bucket list. Great care which she is sure to appreciate. Good for them for heading out!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, I love it! LOVE it, I tell you! Fabulous coloring and cute design. I have a friend much older than 30 who is crazy about giraffes, too, and she would love this card. In fact, I bought a Bugaboo image just for her birthday card, but haven't used it yet. Good for them, fulfilling a dream!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Tracy, I LOVE this giraffe and have it myself. And what a dream come true for them while they were young! I love giraffes too and have seen them close up in a nature preserve. They are so beautiful, gentle, and so graceful. I love your card, and Ali will love it too. Your coloring is fabulous, and what a great layout! Sweet! And, yes, way out of my comfort zone too - hehe! Hugs!