Saturday, October 28, 2017

Busy but happy

Good morning. The week of the new release was really crazy at my house as not only was I trying to get sneak peeks done with the gorgeous new stamps. We had a few things going on at the house and I wanted to share pictures with you. First up we had the football team dinner before the Homecoming game. It was suppose to be at our house, but the senior volleyball night happen to see that same night so it was moved to the school. Several players either had girlfriends or sisters that were seniors. It was a great night and you can see most of the team below. 33 lbs of pulled pork and all the trimming and sides for these men... and boy can they eat.  :-) It really is an honor to serve dinner to these young men. Godly men who truly are fun to be around. 

Next up was the homecoming football game and as you can see below Curtis won as Sophomore prince. His brother was nominated also, but only one can win. It was freezing cold at halftime for the homecoming show and I felt so bad for these guys as they didn't have coats on like us. I have a video of the court and parents being ushered out onto the field, it was wonderful. Next to him is his friend Parker who won Junior prince. 

Next we move onto homecoming night itself. We drove to several houses picking up girls and taking pictures etc. This was our first dance for the boys so we wanted to make sure we took lots of pictures. Plus he is still in the 6 month rule of no driving anyone in your car, so we had to drive them all. Very handy for us I would say. hee hee  We bought a suite and the vest color to match her dress. So hopefully he won't get much taller and the suit will fit for a few more months for another event we have. He looks so much like John, I just smile. Aaaaawwww.

Curtis and his beautiful date posing for about the 100th picture. This was the final house we came to for pictures and I am sure they were glad about that. Don't they look just darling together.  :-)

I had to take one from the Tahoe as the guys had to be in the third row in the back. You can't tell but they are practically eating their knees. We were all laughing. It was such a great night with these kids. A wonderful bunch! 

 Thankfully we are back to a bit more regular schedule with only a few booster things on the table. The sports program will be getting started here for basketball in a few weeks. Right now it is sprinkler blow-outs and a few other little things. I need to get into the stamp room and relax a bit. ha ha    Thanks for sharing in our crazy home life. Have a wonderful day! 


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stacy, the boys are so handsome (and adorable...hehe!)! What beautiful young godly men, and I know that you and John are striving to raise them with great values and (most importantly) the desire to love Him above all else. Wow, that's a crowd and a LOT of pulled pork! What a joy that had to fill your heart seeing them! And what beautiful photos of the boys and their dates for the dance. I did see the video you posted, and I loved seeing you and John escorting Curtis on the field. The girls are so adorable, and I can imagine the boys were "eating" their knees in the back there. Ah, thanks for sharing these photos and the wonderful news. It's a joy to see good and wholesome news today, and may God bless you all. Hope you enjoy some stamping time soon. You are LOVED, my friend! Here's a cyber hug!!! xoxo

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my goodness, you are bringing back memories for me! All those kids exude tons of life and energy and they're so fun to be around, and you're probably everyone's favorite mom. You and John are sure bringing them up right, and it will last a lifetime. Hugs, Stacy!

Davi said...

Looks like it was a busy but fun weekend Stacy! What a blessing to have such handsome AND Godly sons! Enjoy all these busy days, it will be but a blink and they will be off starting their own lives and boy does your home get quiet! Super job on the card, I love the soft coloring and blues :)

Julie Koerber said...

LOVE to see these pictures -- what amazing fun! Brings back days of Cal in high school and dances. Now we are just about to enter all this with Ellie. In fact, this week we'll be shopping for a dress for her first dance. Such fun times! Everyone looks so dapper and glamorous!

Marisa said...

Fabulous photos. They grow up soooo quickly, don't they??!!! Nothing better than a car full of wonderful teenagers ♥ Well done mamam!