Sunday, October 1, 2017

Kitchen complete

Afternoon! Finally sitting down to get these pictures loaded of the new kitchen counter and back splash. If you look at the renovation post below this one or look HERE it shows the counter as it was which was what we had installed when we built the house years ago. Slowly we have been upgrading sections and excited with each new upgrade. 

This is the view as you walk in from the living room. I took these pictures right after they left so nothing is back on the counter. The wall behind the sink is changing decor as well. Their is only one seam in the entire counter and it to just to the left of the stove there about 12 inches over. The rest is one big slab of the Quartz Coronado design. We LOVE it! 

 If you walk to more towards the dining room you can see the other part of the counter and the back splash. Under the counter on the left we had these decorative pieces that were secured to the counter. Now that the counter is a little bit higher we had to re-attach them and re-stain all the parts that the counter didn't cover. You can see more of those in the below picture. They weren't hard to remove and reinstall but the painting was a pain. ha!

 The first under mount sink that I have had and I truly am in glad we choose this design. Super easy clean up on the counter and oh do I like the matching stainless steel. Yippee!!!

The back splash is actually two different pieces that we matched together so that it was 6 inches above the counter. We didn't go all the way up to meet the cabinets (which I really wanted to do) because it would of looked odd with the area here and no cabinets. So they suggested we do a higher tile and pick two designs and I am glad we did. This is a little bit wider than the counter we had by an inch and about 3/8 of an inch taller than the previous counter. Which doesn't seem like much but it really does seem bigger. I liked washing dishes before but now I REALLY like it. hee hee  
We are done with home upgrades for a bit as I am tired and well it costs a whole lot to do. :-)  Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our newest upgrade. Have a wonderful day. 


Leslie Miller said...

Oooh, it's beautiful, Stacy! Upgraded, updated, and it looks fantastic! I had fun looking through your past renovation photos, too. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

CherylQuilts said...

Wow, am I behind! I saw this in your email (for your blog) and was thrilled to see your new kitchen renovation! Didn't realize I am so behind. But congratulations, and what a beautiful space and decor! It's so beautiful, and I'm sure it's much easier for meal preparation and general family time! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!! Hugs!