Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picnic Basket


Choose one of the files to the left to work with and your embellishments as desired.

Step 1

Take the base and score at 1/2 inch on all four sides of the panel. Then fold the tabs in and adhere to make the base

Step 2

Take the long side lattice pieces and score at 1/4 inch from the end (Score lines not shown here). Adhere adhesive to the ends of all four lattice panels. You will also want to adhere adhesive to the bottom of both of the side panels which I forgot to show here

Step 3

Adhere lattice end pieces first as shown

Step 4

Take the long side lattice pieces that are scored at 1/4 from each of the ends and attach them to the end pieces. Decorate edges if desired.

Step 5

Take the basket lid panel and score at 2 1/2 from the left, then score at 2 1/2 from the right side. This will be where you will adhere the lid secure as shown.

Step 6

Add stamped design or designer paper to the lid if desired. Add adhesive to the tabs and punch a small hole. Also punch a hole in the side of each lattice panel on the base

Step 7

Take the brad and poke it through the side of the basket first, add the handle design of choice to the brad. Next add the top panel with the tab through the brad and secure. This is what it should look like. You will do the same thing with the brad through the hole on the opposite side.

Step 8

Finish decorating as desired. This is my final picnic basket. Hope you enjoy your new picnic basket.

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