Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watering Can

 Files: I am unable to load the PDF File or the Silhouette file to this post. If you email me at and in the subject line put Watering can I can email you the files.


NOTE: Cut a piece of solid card stock for the can 10 inch x 4.75 inched width. This piece is not in any of the files. Adhesive, scissors, designer paper.

Step 1

Take the long piece and score at 1/2 inch on one end and along side, add adhesive. Add any designer paper or textures if desired. Next make a bunch of little cuts along the taped section of the long side for adhering to your oval.

Step 2

Start on one of the oval corners and work your way around. This is what it will look like part way through adhering your panel.

Step 3

Once this is all the way around it should look like this. Don't worry it will attach to the other side once you fold them together. Remove the tape and adhere to the other side, this forms a tight oval for your watering can. 

Step 4

Tape the spout add adhesive to one edge and fold in to adhere. Add adhesive to the end tabs. Take circles and adhere them together and add brads or jewels if you would like for the holes. The tabs on the spout will be what you attach to the circles underneath side

Step 5

The tabs on the bottom will fold in and lay flat against the side of the can. You will want to place these on one end of your watering can as shown.

Step 6

Take handle and score at 1/4 inch  from each end and add adhesive. Attach to side of can see below. Add top panel if desired. Decorate as desired.

Step 7

My finished watering can. Great little treat container. Hope you enjoy

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