Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Want to bless someone today

What a question right? I recieved a prayer request from some sweet friends of mine Cheryl aka Cherylquilts and Pat aka Patsmethers on SCS to pray for Ben and Susie.
Ben and Susie are missionaries through Athletes in Action/Campus Crusade for Christ International. They share their hearts and love of Christ with others daily. Susie is currently pregnant and apparently Susie was having some strange "episodes" as she states. She went to the doctor to find out what was happening. Come to find out Susie had a brain leision/tumor that was causing all these problems. Being pregnant means that the treatment is a bit more complicated and scary for both baby and mom. As of right now they are doing okay. If you click on the link above about 3 posts down you will see a video of Ben talking, its rather long but worth seeing the update on Susie.
Now I am sure you are wondering why I told you all that? This is where your blessing comes into the picture. Can you pray for Susie and Ben? Why not take it a step further and really show an out pouring of love by sending them a card? They are in the mission field so all cards need to be sent to Melissa at this address:
Athletes in Action
Attention of Megan Soderberg
651 Taylor Drive
Xeria, OH 45385

Ben and Susie have three other small children. They would love the prayers and a card also. (Simon (6), Talya (almost 4) and Charlie (almost 3). God gave us this talent and desire to bless others so let's do just that! You don't even have to make a new card, grab something from your stash and send it along. Most importantly please say a prayer for them. God is the ultimate healer and can do all things. Even missionaries can get scared in a crisis and need our love and prayers.

This is for Susie. I really debated on what I wanted to send and I wanted something that speaks freshness and hope. This is fresh and spring like I think. Hopefully this will make her smile, feel refreshed and stronger for the day. I used the adorable Miss Anya Love. It is not a round card but it is a shaped card, figured you all might be tired of the round cards. Since Pat was one that asked me to pray I used some of my special and cherished Pat blooms for Susie also. Now I am off to work on some cards for the kids. I hope you can join me and send some prayers and cards to Ben and Susie. Have a great day!


Karen W said...

Wow that would be so scary and we all pray she does well. My cousins have been in Russia for over 20 yrs with Campus Crusade for Christ.

Deborah Anton said...

Beautiful card! I love the apricot/orange color. Definitely cheery!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stacy, what a beautiful and cheery card! Susie will love it, and thanks so much for your prayers and for getting the message out for this precious family!

Marisa said...

AIA is a great ministry. Prayers for them for sure. Love the card.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Really gorgeous card hun!! I certainly do need to gather some cards up again and send them to our troops!! I really enjoy that! Thanks for the reminder! :)

Debbie said...

This is just adorable.. always love your cards, they always brighten my day.


Anonymous said...


Bless someone today

with words of kindness

Do something nice for a friend

Sow seeds of encouragement

into a stranger's heart

Tell your loved ones

you greatly adore them

Make someone's day

precious and beautiful

Give God praise for His greatness

Strengthen your companion

with fruits of joy

Add faith to your neighbour's life

Bless someone today and remember -

Jesus loves you.

© Bernard Levine