Monday, January 21, 2013

Attitude is a CHOICE

I wanted to share with you something that a good friend of ours was telling my husband recently as they are both overwhelmed with just about everything right now. All good just busy busy busy! I edited out some of what he said, however this was the over all *awesomeness* he shared.  :0)

Attitude is a CHOICE!

 ‘Attitude is a choice’.  What I do and the time it takes is within my capabilities because I’m not afraid of work and I am willing to put in more effort than most to be successful.  I’m willing to sacrifice for success.

One can get beat down and start letting the pressure of things get to them.  The great thing about us competitive shooter types is that we feed off the opportunity to step to the line and put it all out there for everyone to see the results.  One chance, one run – it’s not about perfection it’s about limiting mistakes and not letting hiccups knock you off your game.

Again ‘attitude is a choice’.  When things get tough, I choose to roll up the sleeves look it right in the face and have a ‘let’s get it on’ attitude.  I welcome the chance to step to the line.  I welcome conflict and struggle as it is all just an opportunity to be great.  “If there is to be strife, let it be on my watch”

I watched an interview with Russell Wilson the Seahawks QB right before the last game.  He said something very profound.  He said that he is not afraid of greatness.

Yep – attitude is a choice….  Standby for AWESOME!


Marisa said...

Well said. An attitude quote I just love is: "Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?"

Bonnie Lynn said...

Wow!! Love this post. Definitely needed to read it today to help out my own attitude. Thanks Stacy.