Sunday, February 2, 2014

Go Denver... Go Denver...

It's the Super Bowl.. It's the Super bowl... :-)  Whohoo!!! Well before we get to all the FUN and games of the Super Bowl this weeks Featured Stamper 365 is Sherri aka Kushabella! Congrats Sherri! I knew which one to case when I choose you. this Jammer Town Dilemma is perfect for this day as it is Super Bowl SuNdAy! Whohohoo!!! I kept the theme, a scalloped edge and designer paper. However had to make some modifications to the colors, team and papers.  hee hee  Hope you enjoy your week girlie!
This adorable guy is Football Brat from TS that is now closed. I dusted him off and added my colors and team number. The designer paper is from my scrap bin and I think this is probably the last of my orange paper. ha!  I know who will be getting this card on Monday!

Now for a bit of insight into this game today. Rather big game! Yes Manning is in yet again.. yes! We have the number 1 defense playing the number 1 offense and is it going to be a GAME! Truly want this to be a fair game and the best team win. I don't want another Steeler/Seahawks super bowl. I truly want the game to be fair! All this being said I have somehow put myself into a sticky situation this Super Bowl. Let me explain... Early on in the season a certain someone (who will be here today) was really giving me smack talk about the Colts giving up on Manning, and how Denver is this that and the other etc. He kept saying I should be a fan of my" home team" and that I haven't even been to Indy, I have been to Denver. So I... gulp said and I quote "Well if Seattle goes and WINS the Super Bowl then I will officially be a Hawks fan" GASP!!! So NOW... Oh my...I am in this awful position as they are in the SB. I really wasn't thinking they were going to make it this year. The only reason this is even an issue is because my boys heard me say this and obviously the one that is a hawks fan is totally excited. But as an example of my own teaching to them (darn parenting skills) I have told them, you stick to your word and don't say things you don't mean. Um... well does that count towards football?  As my husband says (mind you he is a hawks fan)  said "yes". What would I be teaching them if I didn't follow what I preach. Oh crap... So yes Manning NEEDS to win today! I will be sitting by myself this game with the REST of the crowd in here with all their hawks glory. However, I am comfortable with that.  :-)  if this is a lesson for me and the boys then God willing I will do it. Secretly I will also cheer for my teams.
 Good luck to both teams and may the best team win! Denver of course!!!  Have a great day.


Dee in N.H. said...

LOL Stacy! That is quite a predicament! Love your card and the perfect Super Bowl colors! I'll be rooting for you! Go Manning!

TLady said...

LOL!!!!! Stacy, you are SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!:) I THINK you are OUT NUMBERED TOO!!! :) Your hubby, your boys & THAT FRIEND!!! :)You "NEED" some GIRLS!!!!!!!!! MAY THE "BEST TEAM" WIN!!!!!!!!!! :) (Even IF it isn't the one you TRUELY want to win!) :) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your card!!!!!!!!!!:) I am NOT a football fan, but I can see the BEAUTY of THIS CARD!!! :) IT'S FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!:) HAVE FUN TONIGHT!!!!

Marisa said...

Error: you coloured your little guy orange and blue instead of green and blue. Seahawks fan here too :) Love Peyton, his skills, what he stands for, work ethic, faith etc. etc., so IF Seattle loses I'll be upset but happy for him. HOWEVER, 12th man needs to rule this one :) Totally agree - don't want to see a SB blow out, but rather a great game between two great teams.

D- said...

May the best team win {and let the refs make fair calls}.
Personally I will be crafting during the super bowl but my family will be rooting for the Seahawks since we live in the Northwest.
Darn it why do we have to be the kind of parents that keep our word? lol.
Have a wonderful day.

Susan (rainy) said...

Darling card, Stacy... BUT wrong colors!!!!! LOL!!!

Love the story.


Vicky said...

Super gorgeous and very cute hun....:o)

biggest of hugs Vicky xx

Unknown said... appropriate for today! Very cute card my dear - well done!!

Dawn B. said...

I too was cheering for Denver. I so wanted Manning to pull it off. He seemed so frustrated. He is still a hero in my book. One to not be forgotten. He has overcome many obstacles and is a winner no matter what the score. :) GO Bears