Monday, February 3, 2014


Pillow box Die-light, card stock, designer paper, adhesive

Step 1:

Die cut one pillow box. Pre-fold scored lines

Step 2:

Add adhesive to the side panel. Turn pillow box over. Decide if you want to keep both ends closed or leave one end open. If you are not sure what you are putting in the box only add adhesive to one end. Keep the other open. If you are like me I already bought my gift card to place inside. So I am adding adhesive to both ends as shown on the right

Step 3:

Fold over and adhere the edges as shown. The box will be a little flat, however once you fold over the ends and move the box around it will bow out

Step 4:

Fold in both ends and decorate as desired

Step 5:

My final pillow box. This is Cupido Henry that I added to the front. A dated tag and some lace trim and designer paper. Enjoy! 

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