Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Peaceful Poinsettias


Foam thick mat and stylus with a balled end, Peaceful Poinsettias and card stock.

Step 1

Die cut one of each size of the poinsettia.

Step 2

Using the largest first, start rolling and pushing down with the large ball of the stylus on one petal. It will start to curl upwards as you see here

Step 3

When you have all the petals complete it will look like this. A rather bowl shape if you will

Step 4

Turn the flower over and push with the same large ball on the stylus into the center. This will raise the petals up off the mat. Complete the same steps with the other two die cuts. Not with the smaller one us the smaller ball on tool

Step 5

This is what all three will look like when done.

Step 6

You can layer them with dimensionals to bring out the petals even more or with a simple glue dot as you see here. I have the middle petals glued down here

Step 7 

Here is my final creation. Enjoy and have fun with your new dies!

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