Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hawktown Funk

All you Hawk fans out there, check it out!!! 

“Hawktown Funk” is a new Youtube video posted by New Life Church in Renton, Washington. It’s by four 12th Man fans celebrating the Seattle Seahawks.  Now this is totally fun! It even shows the words to the entire song so you can sing along.  :-)  GO HAWKS!!!


Marisa said...

This is great :) Glad to see you are staying true to your word about being a Hawks fan ;) We are cheering loudly up here too!!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Well Stacy, I'm a hard core Dallas Cowboys fan, been one since age 16, I'm 63 now so do the math, LOL!!
But tomorrow I will be cheering my broken Cowboy heart for the Seattle Seahawks. I think they are a great team to take it all the way.

Maria Rodriguez said...

OOOPS!! I forgot to thank you for this video, loved to see that sweet grandma in the background, shaking it too. Super Bowl fever is ON, no doubt about it. My question is.....what in the world are we going to do when Football Season is OVER!!!!! Argh!!!!!

Becky Sorensen said...

The Hawks are headed to the Superbowl again, go hawks!!!!