Friday, February 3, 2017

No lines... no problem they say

Happy Friday and welcome to the February Power and Spark challenge brought to us by Cindy. This months challenge is No Line Coloring. GASP!!! This look is fantastic... when others do it.  This is a technique that I have wanted to try and now it has forced me to actually do it. As they say, be careful what you wish for. Check out the Power Poppy Blog for linking your creations.

When Cindy said this was her challenge I was totally excited as I have been meaning to give this a try. In preparing for this I took a few hours (yes hours) and sat and watched several You tube videos, blog posts and read up on how they accomplished this. Well the only thing I want to say now is I tried and I am done with it. Ggrrrr... Being that I am a rule follower and there is several step by step instructions out there I thought no problem I can do this. Think again! This was my 7th attempt and finally thought I will just call it good. No it doesn't look like no line coloring, and yes I am aware that I should not give up. But for now that is going to be a back burner technique to try again so that I don't throw in the towel on it completely. Now that my complaining is done... ha ha  For my card.

This is Orchids Rock that was stamped in the lightest mauve color I have. I even stamped it off onto scrap paper first, then onto my cardstock for the faintest hint of the image like several instructions told me to do. Used several of the same colors in one video and continued to color, and color and over color more. Probably too much coloring and not enough blending now. Die cut with a few stitched dies and designer paper on the base. My sentiment stamped and cut with a oval punch. A few soft pastel candi dots for the corner. Now do I like how this turned out? Debatable as its okay, but not quite what you see with others and their no line coloring. Again something that will need lots of work but will wait until I forget my frustration.  :-)

Now... for some FABULOUS no line coloring from our Bloom Brigade today:
  Allison Cope
  Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Katie Sims


Pauline said...

Well I must agree, it always looks fantastic when others do this technique and your certainly does - it's Gorgeous Stacy! I have yet to try this as well, love the look but a bit intimidate. I guess I must give this a try this month! Oh and those candi dots, I forgot I even had those!

Karen W said...

Stacy this is so soft and pretty, wonderful coloring!!!

Maria Rodriguez said...

Well Stacy, I'm with you on this one.....this technique intimidates me, I've also seen several video tutorials on it trying to learn as much as I can but I've never actually venture into putting what I've learned to practice.
This is as good a chance as any, the incentive of winning a Power Poppy stamp set is my driving force. Your card is beautiful, don't sell yourself short, it's soft and the colors are lovely.
Thank you for sharing.
Maria Rodriguez.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Stacy, I understand your frustration! I was not happy at all with my earliest attempts and spent lots of time on things that ended up in the wastebasket. I watched videos and read things and tried stamping in pale pink, etc. What a disaster! I hardly ever do no-line where the lines disappear completely, so I think you were pretty brave with this. I see no lines at all! You did a darn good job for your first attempt and it's quite beautiful. I think the orchids would be hard, but you did a good job defining the edges and getting the shading in there. Pretty card, too, with all the purple. Those pearly candi-dots are perfect with it!

Patti J said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing!!!

Pretty Paper Junkie said...

You are way, way too hard on yourself. I think your card is very pretty. I've done a few no-liners, but I've never watched a video. And yes they do take a long time. I an glad you shared your frustration with your followers. It's nice to hear even the best have their moments.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, sweet Stacy, YOU are truly far too hard on yourself...we all are. LOVE this card! Bravo for sharing it and even doing this's really hard. And I love how you are so transparent and shared your frustration. I would have to as well. I did one, and I still hate it - haha! But this is beautiful, and I love your layout, DP, and pearly dots. I really think your leaves are especially well done, and I sure wouldn't have tried this orchid for my first try. Beautifully done, sweet Stacy! Sending warm hugs and love! xoxo