Monday, January 4, 2021

Krafty fragrance

Good morning. Was your New Year's weekend as successful as mine? I did a pretty good purge/clean of the house and just about every room or cupboard. I would say we were very successful and felt like we accomplished a lot. Starting off 2021 on a more hopeful and clean note.  :-)  

How about a floral note today. This is Pure Fragrance that is printed on kraft paper and colored with Prisma colored pencils. Still needing to work on my colors and blending with these pencils. 

There are so many videos out there on colored pencils and after I watch them I always give it a try. This is one I did a few weeks back and just now am posting. Simple layer of designer paper onto white and added to the kraft base. Had two tags punched n the bin so I added one to the top and one to the edge. A few enamel dots and my sentiment tag to complete. Looking at this I can tell I need to watch more videos and practice more once again. ha ha  Have a wonderful day!  

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Leslie Miller said...

Ahhh, this beautiful image... you're way ahead of me as I've still never colored on kraft with my pencils. You're very good at it! I have also started the new year with purging and cleaning and addressing lots of little things around the house that need attention. I love that sort of thing. Happy new year, Stacy!