Saturday, July 21, 2012

Winner winner and Cod dinner

Happy Saturday! I have the day off from picking, snipping, cleaning and canning today. I am more than thrilled as it is exhausting work yet so worth it all year long. Before I get to the delicious foodie post today I have a winner from the Bugaboo Christmas in July blog hop. And the winner is.....
Patty said...
You're right..all of the Deacon images are darling...I suspect I will be using many of them in my card making as I have three grandsons!!! Love how you changed it up using the pennant shape!!

Congrats to Patty. I have already sent her the fun Deacon Elf that I used for my creation in the fun blog hop. Enjoy! Thank you for all your wonderful comments and for hopping along with us.

Now for the latest foodie post. For about a year now all I am hearing about is Fish taco's and how great they are. My middle sister goes on and on about them. So finally I thought I will just give a recipe a try. I could go to dinner and have some yet I really wanted to just make some here, so I did. These are Tex Wasabi's Koi Fish tacos a recipe by Guy Fieri from Foodnetwork. We actually got to watch this episode on a rerun of his show which was cool.

My take on my first fish taco ever.... DELISH! These were fantastic! These were crunchy and juicy all in one. The cabbage was amazing in the flavor it added. Who can resist homemade pico de gallo! I think all of this came together perfect and was so worth all the effort. Once again the kitchen was a mess and it was worth all the fuss. ha! A few suggestions on the recipe though I will change for the next time. The fish pieces were gigantic (a lot of guy's style of cooking is) I will cut them shorter. I got a large cod filet and cut it in 1 inch strips, well those as you can see are really long. You only get one piece of fish but man was it enough. I also am not a fan of the two shells and would stick with one. Now this recipe calls for Tequila. Uummm... we don't have any so hubby went out and bought some for this recipe. I was a little leary as I am not a fan of hard alcohol at all, but these were very tasty. No I wasn't drunk either, ha! They were very good and yes the tequila really did add a great flavor. ;0) Thanks for stopping in with me on my foodie post. Have a great weekend!


misteejay said...

Congrats to Patty.

Mmmmmmmm, that food looks lovely.

Toni xx

Debbie said...

That looks DELISH!!!!!

I am sure you enjoyed


Leslie Miller said...

Well, you little foodie, you! Interesting to use Tequila. Cooking usually burns off the alcohol, but this doesn't sound like it was cooked. In the sause, and you didn't get saused -- ha! Crack myself up. I had my first fish taco recently, too. I didn't think I would like them, but I finally relented and it was delicious, though not what I expected. I thought it would be folded up like a taco. Why not, I wonder?