Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easter Special

Good morning! Created another Easter card to share today. This one is pretty simple also as I grabbed my Easter Wishes set for this one. Stamped the chick image onto classic white cardstock using memento tuxedo black ink.

Colored with copic collections:

Once color layered the panel onto some Color Made Easy Sunflower paper then added dimensionals to the back of the panel.
Scored the borders as usual and thought some soft ribbon would finish it off. So I used the Color Made Easy Sunflower  Primrose tied it into a bow using ivory jute twine and a Sunflower button for the center. Voila!
Can I share a scary story with you? First let me say that both Ranger and myself are fine. Yesterday when Ranger and I were on our normal route we take for our walk we were stopped for a second  but just as I looked up I see this large rotweiler dog headed for us in a full on run, he was not wanting to play. I dropped the leash and let Ranger do whatever he needed to do. Needless to say it wasn't pretty, the owners of this dog came screaming and running towards their dog shouting who was in a fight with mine. It took 2 grown men to pull that dog off of Ranger who's mouth was clamped down on Ranger. I have never been more scared in my life! After they removed their dog they were asking if I was okay and my dog. Ranger was growling at them when they tried to come near me, I said just stay back and let me check him out. Ofcourse when I made Ranger sit and stay so I could check him over he was licking my face he was essentially saying are you okay mom, are you okay? It was very sweet as I could tell he was very worried about me. Mind you my heart is slammed against my chest and I am on like hyper mode of panic almost. I throughly checked him and no blood, no puntcure wounds just a lot of wet mashed fur with slobber but he was okay. The one owner said he was very sorry, he slipped out the door on us. He said good thing your dog has a lot of fur.
What! Good thing my dog has a lot of fur, what a crock. So what do I say... "I am sorry that this had to happen." What the heck is wrong with me? I should of chewed his butt and then some as DH tells me.  As I am walking back home stopping every few feet to make sure he has no blood or injuries I am praying say God thank you for protecting me and Ranger. I call DH on the cell phone to explain to him what happened. He was glad we are both safe and unharmed.  I felt so helpless and should of done more, but you should never get in between two dogs fighting as you will come out the loser. UGH! I think DH is going to have a word with those owners are their dog obviously has issues and what if they were gone at work and this happened. A whole different scenario would of occured, especially if DH was on the walk with us. Ranger is totally fine and has probably forgot about this but I have not. I kept replaying it over and over in my head till I got a aheadache. ugh...
Tomorrow we will be walking a different route and hopefully I won't EVER encounter this again. Thanks for listening to my scary day! If you can say a little prayer for me that would be great. ;0)


Pauline said...

Beautiful card Stacy. Love the soft yellow - and your layout. Sorry to hear about your mishap, but glad you are both okay!

Marisa said...

Yikes!! SO glad you and Ranger are okay!! That dog may need to be reported so they have something on file should it occur again with someone else!

Leslie Miller said...

Love your sweet little card in yellow and white. A favorite color combo. Darling image.

I would sure never walk that route again! That's the ultimate in scary. I'd be so afraid for Wally or LuLu if that happened. Some dogs just don't know how to get along with other dogs. It's so important to get them socialized when they're young. I'm glad you're both okay.

Sherry Kushibab said...

Sweet, sweet card. Love the sentiment with it, both just perfect. WOWZA, you is a smart woman to have let go of Rangers leash. You are right that its not smartt to get between to dogs, especially when now is so aggressively charging. Your DH should have a talk with those people, that dog is not well behaved, but I blame that on the people whoshould have trained him better.

Allison Cope Israels said...

Super cute card Stacy! Lovin' the yellows!

WOW... thank goodness that you and Ranger are okay! That's one scary situation to be in. I too would have been very thankful just to be okay. I'm not sure what I would have done in your situation. I think the anger about the situation would have come afterwards too! Glad you're both okay!

Angel said...

WOW! I'm so glad y'all are both ok, but goodness! How scary! Yep, I probably would've said the same thing and later thought, "dangit, I should've let them have it!" Again, glad y'all are ok. ;)

AND love your sweet card!