Monday, March 20, 2017

Thanks Coach

Morning! Needed another coach's thank you for the regular season, now we are onto AAU basketball with a side of school baseball. And they were asked to play in a football 7 on 7 tournament on the west side during spring break. So all three sports for awhile. My oh my.... They are crazy young men that keep us busy. But it's all good!  ;-)

This guy is from Mo Manning called Slam Dunk and a perfect for a coach. I printed a larger version for this card. Colored with various Copic markers and just a few brads for accents. Voila! Super easy peasy for the man today. Had some down time as they were at practice to get a few done for this week. Hope to see you back and thanks for stopping by. 


Marisa said...

When I first saw this thought it would be about March Madness tournament but then I read all the taxi driving you have to do between three sports!! Oh my! Upside, some good car chat time. Doing lots of that driving my son to all his reffing gigs for soccer! Tournament Tues - Friday this week too so he will be a very busy boy!!

Leslie Miller said...

Perfect! He'll get a kick out of it! Back to busy busy with all the sports!