Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stuffed Goodness

Yummy to you all! Wish you had smellovision right now don't you??? ha ha   Since I am working on a creations for a few releases coming up,  I figured I would show you a stuffed French Toast I made Memorial Day weekend. Now this looks like regular french toast... but it has a secret on the inside and its yummy! The recipe is from non other than Food Network and its called French Toast filled with Strawberry cream cheese.
 Inside this texas toast is a strawberry filling that you stuff inside before you fry then french toast like normal. After its all cooked as normal you spread a little bit of the filling still in the bowl over the top, I add some fresh strawberries cut up and then whip cream. Now I omit the orange liquor it requires and use orange juice instead. Tasty and super easy! Hope you enjoy.

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Leslie Miller said...

Ooooh, I'll bet your boys loved this! Or was it a special Stacy treat just for you? At any rate, it looks fabulous! These days I get most of my recipes from Pinterest. So many fabulous recipes I just can't stop pinning and trying them!