Sunday, May 26, 2013

Surprise 2013

Finally! Today is the day we are going to surprise our kids and the kids of our friends on the trip we have been planning and working on for the last few years. Back in 2008 we had the blessing of being able to go to Disney World for the first time EVER! We went with some great friends of ours and had the best time as you can imagine. Since then we have been saving and planning on going again and hitting Lego Land, Sea World and Universal all in the same trip if we can. Well today we are able to surprise the kids with the news and later this year we are getting to go on this trip.
This is what the kids will get to open to reveal the news. Sassy Cheryl's has this adorable new digi called We're All Ears that I bought and we had printed at my friends house. Added a film strip from my Silhouette machine to the edges and colored the image with copics. The picture above would not come out, it kept getting a glare on it. It is a picture of us all on our first trip. The kids are HUGE compared to that just 5 years ago. Oh my goodness I cried when I looked at the pictures. They are all so grown now, it makes this even better to be able to go again. There is a spot at the bottom for this years picture to be added.

Here is a closer view of the images. I made them roughly the size of each of the kids and colored their hair according to each kid. And yes the twins are exactly the same except one is a smidge taller as they are in real life. Otherwise I would hear about it. ha ha   Made two of these one for them and one for us to keep.

Thanks for sharing in my excitement. Have a fabulous day!


Marisa said...

What a GREAT way to surprise them with the trip!! I'm sure they will be squealing with joy :) We have yet to make it to Disney, but hope to some time before they graduate! Darling set of images and a great layout.

ChristineCreations said...

Oh that's so special Stacy! I remember the first time we surprised the kids that we were going to Disneyland. Truly one of my favourite places on earth! :)

Cheryl said...

Love it Stacy! I LOVE Disney!! Fortunately, we are only about an hour an a half from Orlando, and not far either from Lego Land (altho we've not been to LL yet). You'll have to let me know when you're heading this way...I would love to meet you and your family! :)

Leslie Miller said...

What fun! They'll be so excited, and what a great way to reveal the surprise! We never went to Disney World, but we did do Disney Land in CA, and hit all the surrounding fun places during two different week long trips. Good memories!

Katie Sims said...

OH exciting! I just went to DisneyWorld for the first time 2 years ago and loved it so much went back last year! They have the new FantasyLand exhibits going now....sure to be an awesome trip! Bet you'll be passing by me on the way....I'll wave! :) So happy for you all!