Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wallet Giftcard Holder


Scoring tool, card stock, oval punch or decorative punch, cutting mat and adhesive.

Step 1:

Cut a piece of card stock 9 7/8 inch length x 3 3/4 inch width. Score card stock at 1 3/4, 4 1/4, 5 1/4, 6 1/2 as shown.

Step 2:

Pre-fold scored lines noting the three score lines to the right will fold up to form a mountain like shape as shown

Step 3:

Now to punch the little mountain piece we have, fold the cardstock back and center oval punch in the middle and punch. Be sure to only place the punch half way in towards the score line not all the way.

Step 4:

Once punched this is what it will look like. Round your corners if desired

Step 5:

Turn cardstock over, along the scored line in the center of each oval snip the line about half way. This is where the giftcard will slide into. Hard to tell in the photo. Add adhesive to the bottom edge of each side of the oval as shown and adhere together

Step 6:

This what it will look like with the sides adhered and a gift card slid into the slot we created

Step 7:

To create the wallet flap cut a piece of cardstock 4 1/2 inch length x 1 inch width. Round corners of one end. Cut a 1 inch slot in the center of the right edge of wallet base as shown. Add desired panels to the center here as well

Step 8:

Close wallet and insert the edge into the slot you cut and place adhesive on the back just above the flap. Add adhesive to the rest of the strip and fold around to the back. The seam will be covered with the front panel, so don't worry.  Decorate as desired

Step 9:

Decorate as desired front and inside

Step 10:

My finished gift card holder using Well Played. The headphones are popped up on dimensionals and a few added sequins. Enjoy!

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