Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holly Frame


Frame (shown 10 inch x 10 inch) digital image Hollyberries, desired dies, card stock

Step 1:

Cut a piece of base cardstock that will fit the inside of frame you are using. Forest green is going to be the base matting to match the holly in mine. Set aside for now.

Step 2:

Print Hollyberries onto cardstock using the same file size for each print. This is how we will layer them after they are colored. 

Step 3:

Take one of the printed sheets and cut to fit the frame base we set aside. Leave as much edging as you would like shown through the edges when in the frame. Take the second printed sheet and trim down for ease of coloring.

Step 4:

Color your Hollyberries as desired on both the base and your extra pieces. After coloring the extra pieces delicately cut around the Hollyberries as shown to the right. This is tedious cutting but so worth the end result. I have die cut my sentiment panel and set that aside for now.

Step 5:

Using a rounded tool and mat press using circular motions on the back of Hollyberries to round the edges up. This will be all curled up as you go so be careful you don't tear any of the leaves. This is what they will look like. Add a dimensional to the berry parts as that will adhere to the base and leave the leaves to be popped up.

Step 6:

Adhere the Hollyberries to frame base. This is why they needed to be the same print size so they layer nicely over the top. Here you see the top portion only added to the frame. To the right is a close up of the top added. Finish adding the bottom and the sentiment panel and last embellishments

Step 7:

My final Hollyberries framed. I added a few scattered jewels and some sparkles to each of the leaves. To the right is a close up of the Hollyberries for you to see. Enjoy! 

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