Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mitten Tags


Cardstock, Plush Mitten DiePeaceful Poinsettias Die, scissors, adhesive, needle, twine, desired sentiment stamp.

Step 1

Die cut all shapes in colors desired. I am using all white for the tag and red to stand out for the poinsettia.

Step 2

Stamp desired sentiment on the mitten. I placed the sentiment at the top so they have enough room to still write to and from on the front as requested. The sentiment is from Botanical Tree stamped in black ink

Step 3:

Thread twine (shown here is a sparkly white twine) that I tied into a knot and threaded on the needle. My knot is on the inside of the mitten held down with a glue dot for ease of threading.

Step 4:

Here you see I started to thread the twine through. You can thread anyway you would like, I choose the in and out version if that is what its called.  :-)

Step 5:

Here is my mitten with all edges threaded. Now don't look too closely or you will see where I threaded the wrong way. I was already about to the end when I noticed. EEK. Don't worry I can cover that up and no one will notice. hee hee  I tucked the thread inside the corner where I started with the tip of the needle and added a little bit of glue from the side to help keep it in place. now finish decorating as desired

Step 6:

My final tags. I created two as they requested, the one laying flat has a faux stitching around the edge. Just another option you can used. Added ribbon and twine button at the top of the tag and some sparkles to the poinsettias. Enjoy!

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