Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mitten Giftcard Holder


Plush Mitten die, cardstock, designer paper, stamp set, Peaceful Poinsettia die, adhesive, ink pen, scissors.

Step 1:

Die cut two mitten shapes, one in designer paper and one solid cardstock. Die cut remaining shapes

Step 2:

Take the two mitten shapes and to the designer mitten adhere the bottom piece as shown. Using a dark colored pen that matched add faux stitching around the edges. You can see that I started mine on the left hand side of the mitten and will go around the rest of the mitten

Step 3:

Add adhesive to the solid mitten three quarters of the way up on both sides and the bottom. This is where the giftcard will slide into the mitten when placed together. Adhere together with the designer mitten

Step 4:

This is with the giftcard slide into the top. Finish decorating as desired

Step 5:

My final Mitten Giftcard Holder. I added the poinettias that I die cut with a few pearls and sprigs. Finished it off with some sparkle. My sentiment is from For My Father stamp set with a notched end. Enjoy! 

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