Wednesday, June 8, 2022

2022 Graduations

Morning! It is that time of year again for graduation cards. Honestly did not have the feel for this years cards and I feel bad. This did not turn out how I wanted but it will work. I die cut the numbers and used  a star for the 0 to match the embossed background. Added just a bit of sparkle to the star and stamped congrats on the inside. Easy this year. 

This week sketch at a glance SC909. I did mess up and made my white panel too long for the base.  ;-(  

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Traci M said...

Hi Stacy, I haven’t been to see your blog in awhile! I always struggle with graduation cards, But this is a very cool card…I especially like the star substitute for the numeral zero. I hope you and your family are all doing well. Are your boys off to college? That’s a big transition in a Mama’s life! Blessings on your day.