Friday, January 28, 2011

Framed heart

Happy Friday! Today Flourishes has some eye candy for you from all the Design Team girls and a special guest Cheryl aka CherylQuilts from SCS. Several of the girls will be showing you different calendar ideas with the 2011 free calendar download Flourishes is offering. My silly printer is out of ink so I will be showing you a project that I made for a friend. I am using Hearts and Flowers for my framed gift. I thought the sentiment would be a great focus along with the roses heart. So I used black hindges to attach these coasters together. The lace looking edge is using spellbinders Fleur De Lis Bordabilities for the border. I then used some double sided satin ribbon silver/black to border the border, covered both sides with classic white cardstock and started to decorate. My rose heart is colored with Poppy copic collection. Added a few pearls and all done.

Now don't miss the fabulous eye candy from the DT and our special guest:
Flourishes Blog for Cheryl's creation
Some have been wondering how my appointment went yesterday. I cried on the way home and still having issues. The braces themselves are fine a little suprised that the bottom are silver instead of the clear like the top. However you really can't see the bottom too much. Instead of putting these ramps on right away they did what they call a build up on the two back teeth. So in short this means yes that my jaw does not close tight, it is like having a little block on both sides of my mouth. How do you eat you ask... I am trying to figure that out myself. He told me that eating was going to be an adjustment and he was not kidding. Once I am used to these they will put the ramps on and I won't notice much of a difference other than a little tighter than these build ups. On the up side I don't think I will lose the competition with some of the girls I have going on. For each pound we lose between now and the end of June we get an extra 50k steps added to our step count! I am a shoe in to win with these things. ha ha trying to see the bright side of not actually chewing food for the next 9 months. I know I am not the first person to go through this and I won't die from starvation. I am just going to have to adjust some things. DH did find several things that I can eat for dinners. Isn't that sweet... Ice cream was my dinner last night. Yumo! Now that is something that I don't have to chew. hee hee Thanks to those of you that prayed for me. :0) Sunday starts Sneak Peeks for Clear Dollar Stamps Feb. release be sure to check back with me. Have a wonderful weekend.


Debbie said...

Wow on those blocks..both my kids wore braces, and they never had anything like what you are going poor thing..Wish I lived closer, I make some mean soups. I would hope you would be able to eat soups after awhile.

Anyway, the card you made for your friend is beautiful, she is going to love it. Can't wait to see what you do with the calendar once your printer gets some ink..

Lynne said...

Shame about your printer but this more than makes up for it. Gorgeous, your friend will love it.
Lynne xxx

Cassie said...

Gosh, Stacy, that stinks! I wish this were easier for you :(

On the upside, your creation is phenomenal ;)

Crystal said...

AWWW sweetie so sorry you are having a hard time, hugest hugs to you!! On a brighter note, my mouth dropped at this creation, girl this is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

Traci M said...

Stacey, this is such a pretty framed gift...beautiful and it matches your blog design too!!
I have TMJ and it is painful, I can only imagine how difficult this feels to you right now. You probably will lose weight, and that is the upside, but hope you can find a few things that are easy to chew...don't forget protein shakes for nutrition sake!
I will say a prayer for your healing as well!!

ChristineCreations said...

OH sweetie my heart goes out to you with your braces

I'm so hoping the adjustment is smoother than the start!

Outside of that the frame is stunning!

Marisa said...

Love how you used the nesties for this gorgeous card! Very elegant.

Thanks for the update on the visit to the dentist. I'm assuming they must be aligning your bit somehow by doing this. Hang in there (((hugs))). Lots of smoothies to be able to enjoy in the summer. Add some tofu, hard boiled egg yolks and yogurt to the fruit ond OJ and they'll keep you full for a while - my kids love them. Please have hubby give you a big hug for me.

Leslie Miller said...

Stacy, this is just a lovely little piece, and as a gift it's wonderful!

You're doing great with your braces. Just think about the prize at the end. Mine were wire top and bottom. No matter how perfect they are, there are little pokey things your mouth can't get used to and it KILLS all that soft tissue. Major OUCH! That was me. My doctor's wife got braces right after I did, and she lasted two weeks and couldn't stand it. Got them taken off. So, I say you're doing great hanging in there and being brave.

Dawn B. said...

I love this creation.. The hinges are awesome. These are some of my favorite colors together. You did a great job.. Feel better this weekend..I will be thinking about you.

Barbara said...

This is simply stunning, Stacy! I'm sorry about the braces thing--hope your feel better soon!

Kerri said...

What a gorgeous gift, Stacy! Your friend is going to love it! I'm so sorry you are in pain:( I hope things get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive card. Love black, white, and red cards. Thanks for sharing your idea with me.


Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Beautiful Stacy! Love the little frame and that sentiment is a favorite and I don't think I've ever used it. What a gorgeous gift!

StampingbugKerry said...

So beautiful! Love the "zippered" edge too.


Joan Ervin said...

This is really pretty, Stacy, with those classy colors and your FABULOUS rose heart!!!! Your friend will love it!!! Sounds like you made it through the first day cream for supper sounds divine!!!! Take it one day at a time and before ya know it the 9 months will be over!!!

dpkennedy said...

Your card is beautiful! I am so sorry the braces are giving you such a hard time! I hope they feel better soon :)