Saturday, June 17, 2017

St. Louis Garden Party

Good morning! I am excited to finally sit down and put some pictures of our St. Louis Garden party up for you to see. Some of the other Bloomies posted pictures as well, check out their blogs to see different pictures and hear their thoughts on our little party. I will state now that I am not a good photographer, I take pictures like I dress which is plain and simple. ha ha!! We did so many things in a short amount of time that I crashed when I got home. The first night we all were welcomed into Marcy's home for dinner and chatting. 

 Marcy's darling daughters created this little banner to welcome us. Isn't it just the cutest banner? The girls are adorable to boot, so glad we got to meet the family. 

Here is a small glimpse into her little backyard oasis she has going on. In every directions is blooms, trees and flowers budding all over the place. She has a few little chairs outside for you to sit and just enjoy. I will say I saw my first ever Lightning bug back here. So very COOL! 

Here is where the shipping and personal wrapping your orders takes place. No Christine is not helping but I thought it was cute she was in this picture.  :-)  If you can zoom in you can see all the tape and ribbon Marcy uses to wrap each order. Isn't she just the sweetest?!?!

Speaking of the sweetest here she is... Now she will probably kill me for putting this picture up but I think she just looks adorable here. She made all of us a yummy dinner and let us into her life, being in her home. It was truly a wonderful and memorable time. Little miss Tinkerbell as I am now calling her.  :-) 

A fun surprise was the chance to meet Mary Englebreit and visit her studio. GASP!!! Oh my word what an awesome experience that was and to just visit with Mary. A joy to say the least! 

And here we all are with Mary. I am back on the right so we could all fit in the picture. Can you see we are all just a little bit awe struck being there. ACK!!!! Pinch me!

Marcy's son Finn took this picture of us all at her mom and dad's house. What a treasured time that was for us to see where Marcy's talent comes from. I would dare say another garden oasis we were able to share in and tour. Her dad Steve was so gracious and sweet to walk us around the entire house talking about the plants and flowers. What they had done over the years. You can truly see he loved Susan and enjoyed being outside in the dirt and plants with her. A memory for the heart this man. 

We went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and I took this selfie (not good at those either) of the two new bloomies I finally got to meet. The sweet Miss Katie Sims from Georgia and Ally Copeland all the way from Canada.... Oh my, girls it was such fun to meet you in person and get to know you both better! I can't wait until next time. 

We visited the botanical garden and saw lots of beautiful color and flowers. My favorites of course are the Lily's. These pink and white ones were amazing! 

Check out St. Louis newest gang members.... Julie and Cindy sure had fun at the game. There was so many pictures I took but this one sure makes me giggle! 

Another one from the game of me and Christine. Oh I just heart this girl! She traveled all the way from Canada for this trip also!

More flowers at another nursery we went to. I mean come on.... we are bloomies what else are we going to surround ourselves with but fresh blooms.  :-)  This place was rather beautiful as well. 

I will leave you with this last picture of Tosha, Katie and myself with our hearts. I sent this picture to our sweet friends Pat and Cheryl letting them know how much we love them.  We didn't plan to match our clothes for the day, it just worked out that way. How cute is that! This trip just affirmed once again that this bunch of ladies are truly treasured gifts and I am so thankful to call them my friends! Thanks for sharing in some of the fun we had. Hope you all have a wonderful day! 


Lynne said...

Stacy, I am so jealous. You are all wonderful artists and Marcella one of the greatest flower designers of all time. I have collected her stamps for years. This had to be a super special weekend.

Leslie Miller said...

What a treat to see all these totally awesome pictures! You did a great job of capturing the feeling of fun and friendship. I especially love the last one with your color coordinated clothing. Marcy's backyard is beautiful! I haven't seen a firefly in years, but they are so cool, aren't they? What an amazing trip!

ChristineCreations said...

Such good memories of yet another trip together friend! Let’s not wait 4 years next time hey? :)

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Stac! What a fun post and fabulous photos! You take great photos, and I LOVED the one at the end for Pat and me! We loved it! What a really special treat that Marcy had for you all, and you sure had a wonderful time together. What a real joy and memories to cherish always! Love you all, and I love you! xoxo