Monday, September 4, 2017

September Calendar Page

Well good morning. As you can tell from my absence that school is back in session and the boosters program is in full swing with things to do. Haven't had anytime in the stamp room until today and I feel rather rusty. You wouldn't think that not creating something would be any different, but it sure does for me. Figured I better start out with just a basic design and my Sept. calendar page was just the ticket. They will get this a few days late but that will be okay.  

The beautiful In Praise of Sunflowers stamp set was perfect for the month. Colored with just a few Copic markers and voila. See easy peasy to get the flow going again. Ai yi yi.... My Christmas card for the Dirty Dozen September challenge was done and posted on SCS the other day (late of course) but I had that done in advance thank goodness. I am feeling like the tin man with creating. :-)  Will get that posted this week sometime, but I need to work on some creating while I have the time. 

Before I go, proud mom and dad moment to share with you. As I mentioned school is in full swing and everything that goes with it. I finished up the Boosters Sports Program for Football and Volley ball and we have concessions nailed down for the most part. The boys first football game was a non-league game, pre-season essentially. Curtis is the back-up quarter back again this year along with wide receiver and corner back. They both play defense and offensive as its a smaller school and we have a total of 23 players. The team we were against is a 4A school and they come out with 43 players. Oh my word! Anyways, about 10 minutes into the first quarter our QB goes down (he is okay) a dislocated shoulder which has happened before. I am looking at the field as I missed the play and see someone is on the ground and the coaches over there. I ask who is it, and immediately look to find Curtis after I found out who it was. That means... HE'S GOING IN. ACK!!!! He had so much poise and calmness, where we are on the side lines pacing. ha ha The entire rest of the game he played AWESOME! We held this team to a 7-0 loss and you might think that isn't good. But last year they crushed us 63-7, this was quite the win for our team. Now the question is will he be starter for this Friday night....  GASP... Oh the joys of football season. 
Thanks for sharing in our joy and thank you for stopping by. 


Leslie Miller said...

I was about to send the troops out after you, but then I remembered school started and I know how busy you get. I was absent for a spell, too, but for different reasons. I think we all feel rusty if we don't stamp for a spell. However, you came back with something utterly gorgeous! Your coloring is always amazing. I always say the more I stamp the more I stamp, but if I take too long a break it's hard to get back into it. Hey, you have a right to be a proud mom! That's awesome! Ohhhh, I remember how exciting sports were when my son was in school. He did something for every season and it kept me busy, busy, busy... and hoarse from all the screaming. Enjoy, Stacy!

CherylQuilts said...

Well, first of all, I love your monthly calendars. It reminds me of the ones I did each month for several people and would mail them. I love the sunflower for's beautiful! And what exciting news about the Boosters Sports Program! Go, Stacy! So excited for the teams and the school. And wow, how exciting that Curtis ended up helping to SAVE the game!!! Woohoo!! Hugs!