Saturday, January 11, 2014

What moves you?

Music and words sometimes move me more than other days. This song for instant just gets me right at the heart! We get to see him (Toby Mac) LIVE this year! Gonna be an awesome concert to say the least!  ;-) Enjoy and have a great day!


D- said...

Thanks for sharing.
Have a great time at the concert you lucky girl.
Crafty hugs,

TLady said...

WOW STACY!!! I haven't heard Toby Mac PERSONALLY, on the radio or otherwise, but my daughter REALLY LIKES HIM!! I KNEW he was a Christian Artist, & trusted our daughter to listen to "GOOD" music!! THIS IS GREAT!!! LOOOOOOOOOOVE THE WORDS TOO!!!;) Music moves me MORE than ANYTHING ELSE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!:)HAVE FUN AT THE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!:) You have EXCELLENT TASTE in Music!!!!!;)

Marisa said...

Enjoy! He's a great singer :)