Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Red vase awesome

Forgive me and my crooked picture but I was having issues taking this darn thing. Finally I called it good and said whatever. Ever have one of those days? These beauties are from In Praise Of Sunflowers and favorite set. Lots of favorite sets I know but it really is.

After the sunflowers were colored with Copic markers I curved the two right corners so it would match the base layers. I wanted the vase to be red so that I would add the red scallop edge to really make it pop. A little bit of red in the flowers themselves. Voila!


Leslie Miller said...

Just too pretty, Stacy! I admire your carefully thought out details as much as your beautiful coloring. Ribbon, too. It looks so good!

Pauline said...

So very pretty, love the yellow with the red and black! Not only do I love your colouring of this, but it's the little details that also wow me, like the red enamel dots and that gorgeous bow! Well done my friend!