Friday, May 1, 2020

Rejoice in May

Today our Dirty Dozen May Christmas challenge is posted and awaiting your creations. I think May is my favorite month this year, hee hee. If you would like to play along check us out HERE.

My creation is using one of the images in Winter Flora and my new Prisma's colored pencils I ordered. Colored pencils are soft and warm feeling and I just struggle using them. However each time I do gain some progress and learn something new. Like on this card I had seen a somewhere that when you use the blender to smooth out the lines, if you want to transfer some of the color over to other parts don't clean it off before you go to the next color. So I used some of the green from the leaves and then colored the petals and same with the yellow. So a bit of it transferred over and I do like how it looks.
My plan this weekend is to watch a few more video's and practice some more. Wrapped some ribbon and silver cord around the top and little bit of sparkle and jewels for accents. Voila!

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Leslie Miller said...

This is beautiful! One of my favorites from the Christmas digi release. I know how you love all this blue and it really is gorgeous. Oh, those pencils. They take me forever. Got one currently in the works and I'll be lucky to finish it in a week, sheesh.

Henriƫtte Creatively Happy said...

It's gorgeous Stacy, I love all the the beautiful blue.
I love colouring with pencils, it takes a while before you have mastered your pencils, but looking at your card it really won't take long for you.
Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a great week.