Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are you Ready for some FOOTBALL????

Yes we are! Yes we are! LOL Tonight is game one of the regular season and I am THRILLED to say the least. You know what else? I get to have nachos now.... I got my braces off yesterday and I enjoyed a delish peanut buster parfait and now I get nachos! Whohoo!!!! Life is GOOD!
Here is my NFL season schedule, got it done in time. This adorable little guy is from Hambo Stamps called Football Boy. He is mounted so that he can move up and down the schedule just as the others I have made for friends. The horseshoe in the back was a gift from my sweet friend Angel. We have quite the little taunting going each season. It is all fun and games. She is a Saints fan and as you can imagine we have had some "taunts" over the years. bwahahha
Going to be an interesting year with the new QB. I have faith he will do our team well. You know I will not leave my all time favorite QB in the dust. I will be following my Manning along with his Bronco's and hope they do well also. Not to say they won't, I mean come on he is Peyton for cryin out loud! LOL However... still a Colts fan to the core. :0) So here is to a FUN and WINNING season for my Colts! Have a wonderful day!


Peggy said...

What an awesome idea Stacy! Darling way to keep track of the game schedule. Go Colts!!

Marisa said...

I always await your football posts LOL! Great way to track the games. Will be interesting to see how Peyton does and hope your new QB rises to the occassion.

Cheryl said...

Congrats on getting those braces off! Oh, I haven't had a peanut buster parfait in years--sounds wonderful! Your football project is adorable. Love that cute little guy all "suited up" to play.