Monday, July 6, 2020

Sharp dressing men

Good morning! This weekend was fun as I got to hang out with my favorite men in the house. With the twins getting jobs (ACK, yes they both work and are taking summer classes) so time with them is starting to get sparse. John and I appreciate what time we get as it is starting to twindle away each year. The one positive, as I have said before from the Covid/stay at home we truly cherish  the time with these guys. I have missed posting the last few weeks and seeing what everyone has been up to. Working on catching up this week with everyone. You didn't come to hear me squak.... So how about some sharp dressed men cards?  :-)   
 My new dies and papers were so fun to dig into and making masculine cards is always FUN! These dies are from Divinity Designs Couture collection with a few more to go with the main die. 

We will go with the dressy ones today. This is a fancy suit with the white and blue jacket I think. The textures paper was perfect for my dad's birthday card coming up. hee hee  I can see lots of wedding cards with this die suit vest and some graduation cards next year.

Next up I will show you the way you should NOT wear a vest. Oh my goodness... I totally had so much trouble with these and I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Well it is because the vest is on the wrong way. I'm hoping that not many will notice it to be honest since it took me a bit to get these things together. The paper is new also for these both of these cards.

I had to do a white and blue combo again since I think it looks sharp together. They still don't look too bad with the vests wrong, right? I have it correct now so when I make more they will be ones not found at the outlet malls. ha ha! 

I will share the others with you on Wednesday. Need to get some snacks made for this week for the working crew now.  :-)  Oh to be needed even when they have jobs is such a warm feeling. Hope you are all doing well. 


Bev Polen said...

Hi, Stacy! Your three cards are gorgeous. I love the texture on the first one. Great work! Hugs!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, man! These are awesome, Stacy! For the life of me I can't figure what's wrong with the vests. They look great to me!