Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Giggle

Now that is FUNNY!!!  Found this on Pinterest as I sit here trying to just take a moment to breathe today. Some of you have wondered where is all the football fun this season on my blog?  To be honest I have wanted to post and create to tease a few of you. However life is a bit over whelming at the moment. Some of it I keep questioning why... some of it like REALLY... some of it I am mad and just plain frustrated at. Life is life! The one thing I am so thankful for is God is here every step of the way to help us. When scripture says to pray unceasingly I think I got that covered especially now.  :-)   The one thing I do know is he uses the times we struggle to mold us and make us better if we ALLOW him. This is a season to grow apparently as hard as that is. A daily fight it seems in some areas. I am not alone, God gave me the most wonderful husband along side me as we travel through this season. Years ago we wondered at some things God was planting in our lives and thought, really God? Don't you love it when you see some of what God planted in your life/heart much earlier and you wondered what is he thinking? ha ha  
Anyways... I am catching some of the games and know that in my moments I am thinking of a few of you and wanting to post a little fun, and I am doing it mentally for now.  Thanks for stopping in... Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Marisa said...

BIIIIG cyber ((hug)) to you my friend!! Know the feeling well. We have been stretched for a few years now and it is not a fun experience LOL! All we can pray is that we will be molded more and more into the people He created us to be. Press on, know you are loved and take it one day at a time. I'm here if you need to vent :)

TLady said...

Stacy! I understand what you're saying! I THINK, MANY people are being stretched right now!!!! It's a matter of letting God take control, trusting Him & yielding to what he allows to come your way! PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!! It's NOT always easy to go through those things! (BELIEVE ME!!! We've BEEN THERE!!!!!) Sending LOVE!!!!!!!:) (We can be PATIENT for those things you WANT TO post!) :)

Peggy said...

Big hugs! I am sure you will make it through with flying colors.
By the way... I just love that man no matter what team he plays for!