Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2018 Graduations

Morning. It dawned on me that I had not shared the graduation cards I had created for this year.  I always personalize the grad cards with each kids favorite scripture. It is one of the best ideas I came up with and I am rather popular for it among the grad's now.  :-)  Reading each kids favorite is fun and most of the time I can see why they choose their verse based on the personality of the kid. Anyways... Here is what this year's cards will look like. 

Grabbed the numbers dies and scored a box panel around the edge. Some die cut balloons and streamers. Each scripture is different so I had to adjust the placement on a few but this is the over all layout. Some sparkle and sequins, voila! Happy Graduation all around.  ;-)  Now someone asked me if I create it for each graduate and NO, I am not crazy. Just the close friends and family of the graduates that we know. I better start thinking up what to create now to get ahead of the game for next year. ha ha  Thanks for stopping by!


Pretty Paper Junkie said...

Wonderful card, Stacy.

Leslie Miller said...

I can see how it would be interesting to know each kid's favorite verse when you know the kid's personality, as well. Great design you came up with, Stacy. Easy to make several, but personalized with the chapter and verse.