Sunday, October 23, 2011


 File: I am unable to load the files to this post. If you email me at with subject line Train files I will email them to you. I have a PDF file, Silhouette file and a SVG file.


Choose a file from the left, adhesive, score tool and scissors

Step 1

Take the train car piece that has 6 windows and pre-fold scored marks and adhere your tape to the back of the panel as shown. Make sure to cut the small half inch score line so you can fold in your sides to make the box

Step 2

Adhere one side panel as shown. Then adhere the other side and set aside

Step 3

Take the lead train car and pre-fold on scored marks. Add adhesive along the two end panels as shown. Turn over lead train car

Step 4

Add adhesive along the end panels as show

Step 5

Take larger end panel fold it up straight and adhere the side panel as shown. Adhere the other side panel of the lead train car 

Step 6

Take the end tabs and fold them in adhere and it should look like this. It will be open for now as shown. Set this to the back for a moment. Take lead train roof piece and add adhesive on the four ends as shown. Pre-fold on the scored lines.

Step 7

Place the two legs evenly right on the same line as the top of the window panel. It will look like this when one side is adhered. Now adhere the opposite side. Set this piece aside.

Step 8

Take the smoke stack piece and add adhesive to the tabs as shown. Turn smoke stack over.

Step 9

Add adhesive along the left side panel as shown. Fold into your smoke stack.

Step 10

Your smoke stack should look like this with the top pieces flared out for the top

Step 11

The tunnel piece should be scored for you, add adhesive along the long tab and the end tab. Add a bunch of little slits along the long tab only. Roll into a tube

Step 12

 Place the tunnel inside the hole of the tunnel panel. It should look like this. Take adhesive off and fold down all the little slits and attach them to the panel.

Step 13

Add adhesive down the two sides of the tunnel panel. Attach this to your tunnel panel as shown

Step 14

Adhere tunnel piece train car. Attach smoke stack as shown

Step 15

For the tunnel circle cover fold the little tab over once you added adhesive and insert it into the tunnel until it is squared up and bend down as shown. If you want grill marks in your grill you can score them or you can add little strips of paper. Score the short end of the grill about 1/4 inch or where you want your grill to lay on the ground. Adhere to the bottom side of the tunnell. Add tires and axels if desired. Finish decorating

Step 16

My finished train is a table decoration for Christmas. Added some cotton to the smoke stack. Enjoy

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