Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mini High Heal treat

 PDF File: I am unable to load the PDF file you need to this post. If you email me at Twinshappy1@yahoo.com  and ask for the mini high heel in the subject line I will email the PDF to you to print. Technology... sheesh!


File printed, scissors, adhesive, score tool. NOTE: Make sure if you use double sided paper that one of the heel shapes is the opposite of the other. I forgot that the first time. 

Step 1 

Score along the solid line along both sides. Score across each of the notched edges side to side to fold the shoe base. (see below also) Add adhesive along the edges of the piece you added the notched edges to. I used glue strips. 

Step 2

Start with the back of the of the heel and adhere edge to edge. You will see the inside edge as shown in photo.

Step 3

To adhere the next edge you will have a small gap between the pieces as you fold down. You want to adhere to the tip of the triangle. Another way to check is make sure that you are lined up with the edge along the bottom towards the front of the heel

Step 4

When the edge is secured this is what you should see so far. Now secure the edge towards the tip of the heel. It will not go all the way to the tip,  which is correct. 

Step 5

Do the same with the other side of the heel. Here is a start of the other side shown.

Step 6

Add the front heel front as desired. I set mine in before I secured so I could see if I needed to have it tighter to hold the candy bar. I thought after that I would put two instead of one with them on their sides. Finish decorating.

Step 7

My final heel with the two bars inside. I added some of the flowers that my friend Pat made me. You can create a full side high heel for regular size candy bards with a template I found HERE. Enjoy

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